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Discover : Queer Surf Club, a global community making surfing more inclusive

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Aside from being Pride Month, this June holds special significance for English surfer Frazer Riley for another reason—it marks the 1-year anniversary of Queer Surf Club. Riley founded Queer Surf Club as a digital community hub, connecting queer surfers from around the world, uplifting their experiences and creating a more inclusive surf culture. “It doesn’t feel real, and at the same time I couldn’t imagine it not being here,” Frazer says of hitting the 1-year milestone. “I think the most incredible part has been how much it means to people, and how much it relates to their own experiences.”

Thousands of surfers have found their way to Queer Surf Club’s network, which includes social media pages, a Discord server for coordinating surf meetups and a website hosting the Queer Surf Map—a resource for finding LGBTQ+ owned or friendly surf shops, clubs, camps and more. For Frazer, whether it’s creating resources for LGBTQ+ surfers or posting relatable photos on Instagram of queer surfers simply enjoying the ocean, Queer Surf Club “is everything that the surf industry isn’t,” he explains. “If surf magazines and websites are gonna focus on pros and the hardcore side of surfing, we’re going to focus on the relatable and everyday.”

Frazer doesn’t have to guess at the impact the Queer Surf Club has had on the LGBTQ+ surf community—folks regularly send him DMs detailing their lives as queer surfers, and what having a community hub has meant to them. For Frazer, the past year has been as much joy as it has been hard work, and he has no plans to slow down. When asked about his future goals for Queer Surf Club, Frazer rapid fires a list of everything from expanding digital platforms to organizing Pride paddle outs to consulting surf brands looking to be more inclusive. “So many ideas,” he says with a laugh. “I have a whole notebook full of them.”

The Queer Surf Map is a guide to LGBTQ+ owned or LGBTQ+ friendly surf shops, surf camps, surf clubs and more, which you can find on Queersurfclub.com. Join us as we follow Yvette Curtis and her daughter, the team behind Wave Wahines: a surf club based in Croyde, North Devon, UK dedicated to providing affordable and accessible surf training for women and girls (and also the first business to appear on the Queer Surf Map). Please support the folks working to create welcoming spaces for all surfers, and if you’d like to add your business or organization on the Queer Surf Map, head to the site to register. #IconsAreForEveryone